The 411

Once upon a time, I took a career assessment and they told me I should be a spy (true story). A few thoughts immediately came to mind, the first being “wow, that would make me some kinda cool” and second being "I should probably get my money back." But more importantly, what other careers encompass strong planning and organizational skills, a keen attention to detail, a creative eye and a perfect execution?

Luckily, that skill set left me with a lot of options.

So...Then What?

I became a Producer and Project Manager, because well, it's all about the details. I manage logistics, oversee photo + video shoots, creative projects, and unit campaigns for some of the top names in entertainment and beyond: Apple, Netflix, Amazon, HBO, DirecTV, FOX Broadcasting, STARZ.

Ok, but what Else?

I am an organizational mastermind. I excel at keeping calm under pressure and lean on my "as good as done" attitude. I am a team player who is eager to gain new skills and I thrive in a collaborative environment. I love to learn about what makes people tick.

Speaking of, what makes me tick? I am an avid inbox clearer, wildly inspired by photography, always on the search for a perfect chai tea, and I love hand lettering and caligraphy.

Now enough about me - what can I do for you?